Code Integrity Check Problems

I have upgraded from Owncloud 8 to Nextcloud. I am able to log in my admin account but there is a warning about Code Integrity Check. The first problem says there is no .htaccess file but there is.

What can I do to fix this warning?

There are several other warnings about http headers but I don’t know how to resolve these.

Can someone help?

Are you sure that the file there is .htaccess and not htaccess.txt? Code integrity check problems with .htaccess are probably the most frequently asked question here, and it almost always comes back to the same solution. Make sure that after the files are unzipped from the Nextcloud download, and they’re copied to wherever you need them, that hidden files are being copied also. The standard copy command usually doesn’t move hidden files if you use a wilcard (eg cp /nextcloud/* /wherever/ ) but will if you just copy the whole directory (eg cp ./nextcloud /wherever/ )

If you really do have the .htaccess file showing in your root directory (as opposed to htaccess.txt or htaccess-sample.txt or whatever the sample .txt file is called) and code check isn’t seeing it, then I’m less sure about the path forward. Let us know.

Thanks for your quick response. There was a .htaccess in my config dir but there was not one in my nextcloud root dir. I copied the old .htaccess from the owncloud dir and then even tried restarting apache but there is no change to the message when I log in to admin. This is a Linux install on Debian Wheezy. Dot txt files are generally not used.

You need the exact .htaccess file that comes in the zip / tar.gx file you downloaded from Another different .htaccess file will still trigger an error. I mentioned a .txt file, as from memory there’s a sample .htaccess file with a .txt extension that people can use by removing the .txt extension.

Anyway, as I said, make sure you copy the original .htaccess file from the downloaded Nextcloud archive.

Everything is working fine now. I copied .htaccess from the nextcloud extracted folder. Also needed the .user.ini file. A few adjustments and there are no errors. Thanks again for your help. We rely on Nextcloud to share with our business partners. It has become indispensable and very well liked.

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