Code editor for nextcloud

Hello all,
I am using nextcloud for edit the source code for php, css, js and so on files.
Till last version, the text editor was ok, but now this nextcloud editor is maybe for everything else but not for code :slight_smile:
I cannot find some application that can be used for this.
Can you advise what can I use, or maybe it is good to develop some .


Hmm, so the Markdown editor is also effected?

Maybe use Etherpad which can be integrated to NC. There are servers providing Etherpad for free.

i have downloaded the text_editor from old version of nextcliud or from owncloud … enabled it in apps , disabled the new editor and all is fine now :wink:


I am also trying to edit .php, .py, and .html files but I find that I cannot open them at all. The wheel just spins.