Cloudflare Tunnel Nextcloud

I have been trying to get my nextcloud server to work through cloudflare, and I have been able to get it to work without showing any error codes, but it will only show a blank page. Whenever I try and connect through my IPv4 address it shows me a timed out page. My terminal shows connection errors before rerouting it and has shown to reconnect itself or it stops connecting to my argo tunnel before I reset the my server and reconnect up to my argo tunnel but all it returns is a blank page.
Nextcloud version 23.0.0
Ubuntu 20.04)_
Apache 2.4.51
PHP version 7.4

same with me. is it a bug?

@Amar_G7 @akarin
Why do you want to use a “cloud” provider für accessing your Nextcloud? I think that make less sense.

@devnull It puts it through a tunnel meaning you can turn off all of your ports since it uses a reverse proxy

You need to turn that Cloudflare feature off for Nextcloud.

I cannot turn it off because my ports are being blocked by the ISP and I cannot unblock it through the router

Does that work for you?