Cloudamo stopped working altogether

Has anyone else had an issue with Cloudamo ( stopping service altogether? I have been unable to access my files for a couple weeks now with very opaque “maintenance mode” error messages on Android and 503 errors on web. This post on Reddit seem to indicate similar issues:

I’m really hoping there’s a way to gain access to my files again as Cloudamo has the only copy of many important files for me.

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Hello and welcome to the Nextcloud community forum :wave:.

What exactly are you hoping to get from us? This doesn’t look like a genral Nextcloud issue but a problem with your hosting provider.

Did you already contact Cloudamo about this topic?

Appreciate the warm welcome.

What exactly are you hoping to get from us?

I was hoping to understand if others have run into this problem and whether there are steps I can take to regain access to my files.

Did you already contact Cloudamo about this topic?

Yes I have but have yet to receive any reply.

A bit late, but i wanted to mention that I contacted cloudamo since several users of the Nextcloud Notes Android app also complained that the hoster didn’t work anymore.

They confirmed that this is (was?) an issue of their infrastructure and the problems were not caused by any third party clients. They asked me to forwared each request to them, so they could take care of them.

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After filing multiple tickets, it turns out that they wiped all my files and are unable to recover them. Lesson learned.

I hope that includes having local backup of important files, regardless of which cloud provider you are using.

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… and includes not trusting Cloudamo as it is not the only thing they lack doing correctly