Cloudamo lost notes

so… not sure what to do here guys. cloudamo seems to have lost the majority of my notes files. this contained, unbeknownst to me, hard copies of my files. this is my first go at a cloud service after ‘de-googling’ (for the most part) and I didn’t realize that, unlike google notes, files are not saved as a hard copy directly to your device. I suspect this has something to do with the fact that cloudamo ended their free nextcloud subscription service without notifying their users.
I have tried contacting cloudamo several times but they have not responded to my inquiries.
If anyone has any insight into how I may recover these files as they are invaluable to me, please let me know.

Are you using the NextCloud Notes app on your phone? This syncs my files from cloudamo NextCloud for offline use.

  • Did you try syncing to your client phone or computer. If so, check those.
  • Did you try contacting Cloudamo directly (they should maintain backups they can restore)
  • Did you back yourself? You just needed to backup that notes folder.

Good luck!