Cloud path for webdav file location?

Running nextcloudPi on Debian 11.

Just wondering where I’d find webdav files? I’m trying to setup an android app, “syncbudget” to use webdav in nextcloud to store the data. See attached image of the app.

I don’t know what to put for the cloudpath field.

Suggestions? It’s a standard nextcloudpi instl so the defaults should be applicable.

You can find it in the “File settings”.

It is (if Nextcloud is installed in a subdirectory)


Or do you have only problems with the path?

I knew the url to the dav directory, I just don’t done what to put for the “cloud path” directory.

So the dev of the app said “cloud path” is the directory of your nextcloud database. Mine is in /var/lib/mysql/nextcloud

So would I put that exact path in there with a / at the end?

Figured it out. I made a file in /var/lib/mysql/nextcloud/ called syncbudget.db.

Then in the app under cloud path I simply put syncbudget.db as it’s likely already operating inside the nextcloud database directory.

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