Cloud managed Database/Spreadsheet hybrid similar to Airtable

Don’t know if the NC community knows much about Airtable but I’ve been looking into it recently and there doesn’t seem to be a ton of good open source self hosted solutions to compete against it.

I wonder if something with it’s basic functionality could be replicated using NC or the NC Collabora integration?

Anyway, just a thought. I know that after a week screwing around with some mySQL stuff for a website overhaul, that I’d love to try alternatives to current legacy database technologies that are such a pain in the ass to use.

I rethought about this idea today.

As I’ve gotten more and more experience working with civic orgs (the kind of orgs I think most likely to be interested in NextCloud), the more useful I think a feature like this would be.

That would be so good. I’m looking for something like that

I’ve actually found one (though it’s not feature complete and it doesn’t work as part of NC)

Here’s a link we’re we’ve compiled some open source alts: Airtable / Basedash · Issue #214 · junaid33/ · GitHub

Just found out baserow myself and trying to get it up on docker compose to do some testing.
Seems to tick most of my boxes. Just want to test if i can create additional users with specific permissions on selfhosted version!

Ahh no roles in selfhosted. Based on the website, you’ll have to pay per month even for selfhosted version.


I’ve checked also for alternative.
Best to date for my purpose is
docker installed, active development. free.
I would be really happy to see that integrated with nextcloud ! It’s far more interesting than just a office speadsheet.
I don’t know how i could be working together…

is a free & open-source alternative to Airtable