Cloud bookmarks badly needed

Xmarks have announced that they are shutting down. That means that there will no longer be a bookmark syncing service that is free and platform/browser independant.

Nextcloud bookmarks has an opportunity to fill a void right now, but it needs to tick a few more feature boxes.

Hey @mountain!
Thanks for your feedback. We’re hoping to get a new version packed with features out during the next two weeks.
Which feature boxes would you like to have tickled ticked specifically? :smiley:

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Well I’m fairly ticklish hehe.

  • Obviously, it would be great if it was compatible with Chrome, Safari, Firefox etc. on Windows, Mac and mobile.

  • Organisation. I would prefer tags, but folders are OK too.

  • A smooth interface for launching/browsing/searching/organising bookmarks. Ideally, a native UI for speed. It would have drag & drop, menus, toolbars and all the good stuff. Much like what we already have in our browsers.

  • Shortcut keys.

  • Bookmark titles would be autopopulated. Tags would have auto-suggest (NOT auto-complete)

I see four ways this could be done:

  1. Browser extension which interfaces with Nextcloud, but ignores existing browser functionality. Pros are that you aren’t limited by the browser’s data structure. Cons are: all the work to create a UI from scratch for each different browser, and then having two systems running side-by-side. Also, limitations of the browser extensions framework.

  2. Re-use existing browser bookmark architecture. Local browser data is synced with Nextcloud using a browser extension. To my knowledge, this method is plagued with limitations of extension framework. For example, Firefox webextensions cannot access bookmark tags.

  3. Re-use existing browser bookmark architecture. Local browser data is synced with Nextcloud using a background app/service. I already run Nextcloud sync on my computers and mobile device, so bookmarks could just be rolled into it. It would be free from limitations of webextensions, and you could reuse existing bookmarking UI.

  4. Some combination of 1, 2 & 3.

Thanks for your detailed explanation!

Solution #1 is already being developed as freedommarks, which has the discussed limitations, but seems to work quite nicely.

Solution #2 is being developed as floccus (by me :wink: ). Firefox developers have recently begun working on adding support for accessing tags via the webextension API. There are other issues, but it’s a feasible approach to realize, I think.

Solution #3 wouldn’t be as simple, because browsers have different forms of storing their bookmarks, usually they lock these files while the browser is running, so you’d need to close your browser for your bookmarks to sync, and even then syncing via WebDAV wouldn’t guarantee the promises of a real bookmark sync, but would just override other changes instead of integrating them, so inevitably with this solution there would need to be new apps for all platforms.

That sounds very promising. What new features will this new version have?

It’s mostly user experience improvements. There will be a blog post about it soon.

How is that new version coming along?

It’s being worked on :slight_smile: We’re in the final stages, I’d say :tada:

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I think is what became of this issue

@marcelklehr - thank you so much! :slight_smile: