[closed]How to upgrade nextcloud hub 2 to hub 3 via snap

Hi there,

is hub 3 available for general release? How can i upgrade my snap image to use hub 3 when it is available for general public? I would prefer not to use it in beta, i can wait for it if it is coming out of beta soon.

Hi @arazu

I cannot provide detailed help on how to upgrade the Nextcloud Docker containers but, afaik you just stop the container, remove it, and pull the new image and then start the container again, using either the same “docker start” command or the same docker compose file, you are already using for the current version. If you are using the “latest” tag or no tag at all, you don’t have to change anything, and if you are using a specific version tag, which is probably the better way to do it, you have of course to change the tag to the specific version you want to pull. docs/README.md at master · docker-library/docs · GitHub

See also here: docs/README.md at master · docker-library/docs · GitHub

About Nextcloud 25 (Hub 3) in general: It is officially released and they even released a first bug fix release. However, in my opinion, it’s still a little bit rough around the edges, especially when it comes too the new theming engine. So I leave the decision up to you, whether you want to update or wait for further bug fix releases. I for myself have decided to wait and have not updated my production instance yet.

Are we talking about docker or snap?

Oh, just realized that there is slight discrepancy between the title and the actual text. :wink:

Snap packages do usually auto-update themself. The upgrade to NC25 is in the works, looks like they are targeting NC 25.0.2… Upgrade Nextcloud to 25.0.1 by stondino00 · Pull Request #2222 · nextcloud-snap/nextcloud-snap · GitHub

hi thanks fixed it, its on snap, in that case i guess i just wait for the upgrade to happen on its own. It shows im currently using Nextcloud 24.0.6

sorry about that, its snap.

since its on auto update as per bb77 i guess what i would like to know is when i can expect the hub 3 to come in…?


As per nextcloud snap image team, they always stay a step behind for stability when major update is released. Usually new version is pushed with the first maintenance release.

Snap team was scheduled and on track to release v25 with it’s first maintenance release but due to a major bug still being present with NextCloud v25.0.1, they are delaying the update release till next maintenance release (v25.0.2)

Refer here for details → Upgrade to Nextcloud 25 · Issue #2211 · nextcloud-snap/nextcloud-snap · GitHub



just to update and close this thread here, the update was rolled out 5 days ago for the snap file.

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