Cloak/Mask local IP

First, month ago, I installed Nextcloud at a hosting provider with a TLD even hosted there.

Now the Installation on my local server was sucessfully. I can call Nextcloud from my Lan and also from outside. Portforwarding an so on seems to be correct.

The TLD I like to use for this local installation is hosted at Dynu, a common DynDns-Provider. To have “mydomainname” on top at the browsers addressbar I have to cloak / mask the unterlying IP-Address, which is frequently changing. This works with a plain HTML-Script on my Servers root (htdocs) and also with a komplett Installation using the CMS “Drupal” for example.

I think, that’s the normal way to call and redirect a TLD to a local Server.

But now, when it comes to Nextcloud masking dosn’t work. And without that, the addressbar allways shows the IP, my Provider has given me for that particular day:


instead of


Sofare I think, that the Problem depends on Nextcloud, perhaps something ist to configure there. I hope to find help here.


Btw. In general, this problem comes up, when I install Nextcloud at an hosting-provider in a subdomain; testet with two different Providers. Without cloak/mask (only this works) the providers subdomainname ist in the adressbar, not my redirected TLD-name. With other applications based on Wordpress or Drupal it works as expected.

You have to set the domain name in the list of trusted hosts. Then it should keep the hostname in the address bar. It could also depend on how you use the dyndns service, ideally you resolve dynamically a hostname to your current IP (host on a linux terminal should reveal your current ip address).

In some cases, they also allow you to set up a redirection, which is not the same and in this case it will always replace the host name by your IP.

Thanks :sunglasses:

That’s exactly what I figured out today, finding my “mistake”

On my local Server there runs another application, which my router redirects to port 80/443. Therefore you don’t have to claim a separate port for the Dynu-redirect.

So for Nextcloud I tried an explizit redirect, which Dynu allows, and changed the ports. This works; but like you write, whith replacing my Hostname by my IP. To overcome this, I run the other application now only on port 80 and the Nextcloud on port 443 without an SSL-certificate yet. Will add it later.

You can try it, if you want:

Your browser perhaps will ask you first (one time) for an exeption - and then start my Nextcloud. If you call it without the “s”, only

that will bring up my other application, normaly started with

This TLD is actually hosted by another provider, where it is redirected now to

If everything works as expected, I will also transfer “” to Dynu.

Thanks again …