Clients and supplier division

Hello Dear
We want to add all of our suppliers and customers to the next cloud, but we don’t agree that they can communicate with each other separately from us.
Can there be made restrictions on the contact list for accounts they can communicate with?

You have been waiting since Feb of 2021 for a reply? Its april 2022 looking for the answer to your very good question.

Sorry i do not understand the problem and also the section “Mail client integration”.

But in Administration → Sharing it is possible to deactivate autocompletion. Perhaps this helps that the customers can not see the other customers.

Also perhaps you can better use the app Guests (video).

I think the problem is the non intuitive options.

Its on by default to SEE everyone’s emails where it probably should be hide on default and let the admin decide who sees what.

A tick box that said - "Hide contacts AND emails or “Hide emails but not names” would be more intuitive vs “allow auto completion” I asked about 10 people and none said oh yes auto completion means the exact same thing as “Hide users emails”

I do appreciate your attempts to clarify.

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