Client wont sync down files (Solved)

I just reinstalled my server and when im trying to sync down data from the server it stops and tells me that there are 0 second(s) left.

And i did a simple test.
Created a folder with some files on my PC.
Created a new Sync connection.
Synced up the files to the server. No problem.
If i now delete all the files and wants the client to sync them back from the server it stops on “0 second(s) left, 837 B of 50mb, file 3 of 15”.
In my empty directory the client created 7 hidden files:

1-3.stl are the 3 first files i would like to sync down.

Any idea what could be wrong?

I solved it!
In my config file om the windows machine:
I had a http:// adress. Changed to HTTPS:// and it started working!

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