Client update check is not possible


I just recognize that automatic update from a client installation (version 3.0.2) was not performed.

If I use the button “Jetzt auf Aktualisierung prüfen” (check for Updates) the result is “Aus neue Aktualisierungen kann nicht geprüft werden” (no check possible)

A manual update was done to Version 3.3.5, but with the same result: “no check possible”

Trying the check with disabled firewall don’t change the result…

Also a complete uninstall and reinstall doesn’t help.

Sync with 2 different Nextcloud servers is running well.

The System is running Windows 10 with the latest patch level.

Any idea what could be the problem here?



With F12 you can enable logging of the client and get more information. For me it is currently working on 3.3.5 (Win).