Client stuck at pass code with no keyboard

I set up my nextcloud android client to require a pass code to enter. I failed several times to enter the correct passcode.

When I open the client now, it opens a window with a request for a passcode and for a short while (~1 sec) displays a text “Delayed due too many wrong attempts”. Then the text dissapears and the passcode request window looks like before except I cannot make my android keyboard show up and thus cannot enter the passcode.

Keyboard does not work while the info text (“Delayed due too many…”) is displayed either.

Clearing the cache does not work.
Deleting app data from android settings cannot be done, since it requires nextcloud app pass code.
Restarting the phone as well as the keyboard app (and deleting its cache and data) does not work either.

This remains after several days.
Is there a way around this without uninstalling the app? My autobackup settings is quite complicated and I would like not having to reproduce it.

Thank you in advance.

That sounds like the Nextcloud Brute force protection is blocking your logins. See also:

@j-ed I dont think this is the case. I can easily log in through web browser on my phone or Nextcloud-dev (other nextcloud android app). Besides, the standard app does not let me through the PIN part, so it does not even try to connect. IMHO it has nothing to do with the server.

Do you happen to have a physical Bluetooth capable keyboard handy?

Or maybe using one of those remote control my phone apps?

Unfortunately the last time I looked at trying to force Android virtual keyboard to stay open (in a different context), it’s a way bigger PITA then I expected.

The Hackers Keyboard supports it (with an option that can force it to say open always or via clicking on a spot in the notification bar), but it hasn’t been maintained in awhile (I did manage to get it to work… I think it was on my Pixel 7 but may have been my older Note - can’t recall now).

When you get this sorted, it’ll be interesting to see what is causing this in your case.

Thanks for the hints, I will try different keyboard app (I dont have any hardware I could use). Meanwhile, please, are you (or anyone) able to reproduce this? You can do it by downloading Nextcloud-dev a try to reproduce the issue there - this way you wont lose access to your original app.

If this is reproducible, I think it might be a bug in the app.

FYI - using another keyboard app is not working.

Same problem here. Since the update to the latest fdroid version I cannot use my nextcloud app anymore. The app wants to be unlogged via pin, which I cannot enter because no keyboard shows up. I guess downgrade is the only solution atm.