Client on Windows 2016 terminal server


we run a hosted NC server and would like to use a client in a terminal server environment. It is a Windows 2016 server, but there doesn’t seem to be any binaries?

Is it true that Windows 2019 is kinda equivalent to Windows 10, so there the usual Windows client works, but not within Windows Server 2016?

Thanks for your help!

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Same situation here - our client is installed on a Windows 2016 Server (version 1607), keeps popping up with reminders to upgrade to version 3.2.1 but the installer refuses to run: “This application only runs on Windows 10, version 1709 or higher”.
EDIT: I see that my client i version 3.1.3, so I must have skipped 3.2.0
EDIT 2: Tried downloading 3.2.0, install looked okay but wouldn’t start because of missing CLDAPI.dll - CLDAPI.dll is missing, Nextcloud Desktop 3.2.0 on Windows 7 32-bit · Issue #3081 · nextcloud/desktop · GitHub
Reverting to version 3.1.3 if I can find it

Hi @mkschulze

Yes it is. But Windows Server 2016 is the eqivalent to Windows 10 1607 and therfore older than the required version 1709. There is no Server equivalent to 1709 but it should work on Windows Server 2019 which is the equivalent to Windows 10 1809.

But I have not tested this and i’m therefore not a 100% sure whether it really works on 2019.

I guess what is required is the WSL Linux subsystem, as Nextcloud seems to have trouble with the Windows filesystem in a server environment prior to WSL support in Windows. So, going for a recent Windows Server version is advisable from what I understand for now.