Client not syncing correctly

Hello Guys,

We recently started testing/using Nextcloud.
We arecurrently running Nextcloud 11.0.3, with external storage SMB/CIFS to our Windows 2012R2 file server.

We just found the strangest thing.
The client will only sync the folder if you locally make a change in the client.

Computer A --> Create a new document.
Wait a few seconds --> Document is synced to the external storage (I can see the document in the
Windows Explorer on the file server)
Computer B --> Doesn’t see the new document, even when we force a sync or restart the whole application.

Now comes the solution

Computer B --> Create a another document in the same directory.
Wait a few seconds --> Document is synced to the external storage (I can see the document in the
Windows Explorer on the file server)
Computer B --> Now also shows the document created on Computer A.

This happens on all the computers with the Nextcloud installed.

I seems that the folders/files are only synced when the client itself makes a change.

Does anybody got an idea why this is happening?
The whole idea of Nextcloud isn’t working like it should.

It seems that this only happens when using the Nextcloud client software.
When using a WebDAV it works instantly.

When u use a WebDAV and hit F5 you see the new document, after that the client also sees the new document.
So using the WebDAV triggers the sync of the client.

Normally this is quite fast, but I didn’t use it with external storage. Perhaps related. Did you check the original client repo for such an issue:

This would be also the place where to report issues with the client, however you should use the original owncloud one to exclude there are packaging issues from Nextcloud.

Thanks for the help, but the Owncloud client does the exact same thing.

I’ve waited 15 min, restarted the client and even forced a synchronization but the files are not showing in the client.

When I use the WebDAV the client is triggered and starts to synchronize and downloads the missing files.

I think we have same issue, we not using external storage. some time down back to normal after rename the file.
But not all file cannot download, just some sub folder is missing in desktop app.

We using Nextcloud 12 and Nextcloud windows client app.

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If it is not on external storage, it is probably something different even though the symptoms are similar. Please use a new topic and provide more information, especially the client logfile:

i am facing same issue and it´s really painfull.

Company is using (trying to use) NC in Microsoft environment. Synchronization works only one way .
Client to server OK, but not the other way. Forced synch doens´nt find anything.

if you make new file in folder, you make sync working. if you open NC in browser, sync start to work also.
Problem is , that server not recognize changes , or more propably do not mark them as new or changed files to distribute thru client app.

in this state , sync is in “manual” mode and anusable for us :frowning:

Yes, I know, it’s a really painful error.

Due to the lack of support we changed from Nextcloud to FileCloud.

Trust me when I say premium support, stable, easy to use and a lot of features.

We never regretted the change to FileCloud.

Without log files and more details about your configuration, it will be hard to help you. Even the first topic is probably related to a bug which should be reported to the bug tracker I linked above.

Sorry for that, but with that information it is difficult to help. For business users, it can be interesting to have official support so that someone can have a closer look into your environment and help you debug:

Please note that this is the community forum where other Nextcloud users help you for free. If you need real support for your business application, there is also professional support from Nextcloud ( I don’t use it myself, but they have a few larger customers (check the news) for quite some time, so probably it’s not too bad :smile:

I am closing this issue because many just have similar problems but without more details it’s just a gathering of numerous different problems that are difficult to solve this way. Please use a new topic if you have such an error, or in case of a real issue you can directly go to the bug tracker