Client Log very large

I am on Kubuntu 20.04.3 and Nextcloud Client 3.3.5

When I am syncing up the first time the log files are huge. they are in /home/user/.config/Nextcloug/logs

They continue to grow till the client home directory fills up. Then NextCloud crashes.

I am also the server admin for the Nextcloud instance. Out “there” on my cloud(personal server) all seems fine. It is the desktop logs that are going crazy.

An example from the log: 2021-10-26 12:02:50:418 [ info nextcloud.gui.folder ]: Ignoring spurious notification for file “World History/TeacherWorks/Disc1/media/we/gln_gwh_gwhtnrlp_1-349/images/pg215_008.jpg”


Not sure about the settings Kubuntu is using for the client.
Please look for log settings, maybe debug log is enabled.

For docs see .

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Thanks @rakekniven .I have looked everywhere. No debug log. It just seems that until the first big sync(24 GB) is done it will keep filling the logs. I have checked the client and the server and cannot figure out the issue.

To me it makes no sense to log such big data temporary.
18 month ago I synced 1.5 TB and if this behaviour would be default, my disk would be full of log file data instead of user data :wink:.

Have you checked config file for settings?
Would you mind to post “General” section of it?

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I still have the same error. Have tried all kinds of things. Here is my config file.


I have learned this. If the Client adds or rearranges a large amount of data it will keep making log files till the sync to the server is done or the disk fill up. I have a slow server connection and since it is slower than the client there is a bottleneck that shows up as huge log files. I know that is not a technical description but that is the behavior.