Client IP address returns Nextcloud set up wizard page, may well be a feature but I don't like it

Nextcloud version : 16.01
Operating system and version : FreeNAS-11.2-U5
Apache or nginx version _:
PHP version :

Client: Kubuntu 19.1

The issue you are facing:
Client IP returns nextcloud set-up wizard on browser going to their IP address

Is this the first time you’ve seen this: Every time

Steps to replicate it:

  1. go to client’s IP address e.g.
  2. from client’s machine
  3. or any broswer on any machine on the LAN

Is this a webdav thing by the nexcloud destop client?


Unfortunately I don’t understand what you want to tell us.

  • What is the ip address of your FeeNAS system?
  • What is the ip address of your Kubuntu client?
  • What is the url you are using to access the server?
  • Can you please post a screenshot of what is shown in the browser.

I’m not sure that installing Nextcloud on FreeNAS is the best idea. And have you completed the setup wizard?

Thank you very much for taking an interest.

FreeNAS has Nextcloud as a plug-in.

FreeNAS has a static IP given to it by a router. Let’s call it

Nextcloud is installed, it’s all up in running in a FreeNAS jail, and through some complicated stack magic that instance of freeNAS’s BSD on which nextcloud runs, is given an IP address - whatever that all works fine.

My client machine has an IP of say,, it’s running Kubuntu and if I go to a web browser (on any machine on the LAN) and put in the address bar, up comes the following:

And have you completed the setup wizard on that page?

Goodness no. It ain’t broke. I just need to know why and what this service on my client machine is.

It appears to be the Nextcloud installation wizard. Did you install the Nextcloud server on your client computer?

What do you mean by “Client…” on your title? Client machine? Do you know what this service Nextcloud is?
I’m not sure what is this about, but I have a guess - this is something wrong with LAN IPs, could be overlapping IPs. But maybe I’m wrong.

I have installed the client for nextcloud on my client machine.

The only server for nextcloud I have installed is the plugin version on FreeNAS.

I’ll check my hosts files on FreeNAS.

Could I ask if you could go to a browser on your devices and go to an IP of a nextcloud client on your LAN. Just to rule out a commonalty?


The picture you posted was the Nextcloud server first time setup wizard. If you are accessing that on your client, then you must have installed the server on your client.

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That makes perfectly logical sense.

However, I have not.


after much confusion I’ve worked this out. It does not appear in the muon package manager in Kubuntu, I think because it is a “snap application” it has turned up as installed in the more app store version of a package manager called “Discover” which I tend not to use because it has stability issues. And I have removed it there. My concern is that I do not remember installing this, and as it is a clean installation a month old I worry that it was included by default, and was on by default. A handy backdoor for peeps.

I’m not sure about all that, but you do appear to have “Nextcloud Server” installed in that screenshot. That’s why you have the NextCloud server first run wizard showing up.


(but I have no recollection of selecting that in my recent clean install of Kubuntu)(and no idea why it was there) (I have learnt of something called “snap applications” which my trusty package manager MUON doesn’t seem to know about)(this is a ghost installation of nextcloud and I do not know how I/it got done)

Muon is an apt package manager if I’m not mistaken, so snap packages may be squarely outside its purview. Snap packages are completely separate from apt packages.

Here are the commands for managing snap packages.

thanks for that link! Yes, different thing altogether. I had never heard of them when I opened the thread. I still don’t remember installing the server at all though.