Client fails to autostart after login for LUKS-encrypted disk - Ubuntu

So here’s a strange one: my Nextcloud folders are stored not in /home, but on a separate drive mounted as /media/user/nextcloud. I have full ownership of the drive. The drive is LUKS-encrypted (standard Ubuntu cryptfs).

I have previously “told” Ubuntu’s Nautilus to remember the password for this drive “forever” when I try to access it, and it does - I don’t provide a LUKS unlock password when I am logged in to /home/user via the Desktop. But even so, Nextcloud can’t read/write to it until I manually open the drive once after reboot (all I have to do is open Nautilus and access the drive - which it does automatically).

Is there a way of opening that drive automatically such that my Nextcloud client can read/write without me having to physically access the drive once beforehand via Nautilus? I have tried a bash script to just access the drive, which works but doesn’t unlock it “sufficiently” to where the Nextcloud client can see it.

Thanks in anticipation. V/R