Client application frequently crashes by itself

Client application version: 3.5.3
Nextcloud version: 24.0.3

I am experiencing issues with the client application.
The problem is that the application keeps crashing while in use.
After restarting the application, it runs smoothly for a while, but then it crashes again.
I find myself having to repeatedly restart the application.

I confirmed the log and the following error occurs frequently in the log.
「System exclude list file could not be read」

Since, I am unable to identify the issue, any assistance or solutions would be greatly appreciated.

Hello hello and good morning. Welcome to the communitydriven forum of NC where everybody tries to help each other.

Why don’t you upgrade to at least 3.10.1? And then see if this error is still persistant.

This version is EOL since long. Pls upgrade as well.

Apart from that any more information is missing from your posting. Which makes it difficult to find a solution.

Hello, thank you for your response. I will update the version and see if the problem still exists

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