Client and Server versions


my question: when Nextcloud (server) is not updated and the client is automatically updated will the client still sync?

I have some owncloud installs where the syncs are stopped, due to the fact that the client states that the version of the server is “too old” - that is about 2 years.
If nextcloud does not block syncs then I will convert those installs to nextcloud and not update to oc 10.

Can clients be mixed during the move to nextcloud?

I am gratefull for any hint in this matter.


They probably keep the sync functionality for all supported server versions. But I doubt that ownCloud didn’t do this as well. However, the community versions are “only” supported for 1 year, but with enterprise support you can get up to 10 years of support (, that certainly includes the clients.

The clients were compatible, recently ownCloud clients started to trigger a warning on NC servers but I could still ignore the warning and syncing worked.