Client 2.5.0 Installation forces machine restart

We detected a a serious, annoying bug when using the NC 2.5.0 .msi client installer.

There is no way to install the client without a forced restart of the machines.
Reason for this behavior seems to be the included installation of “vcredist_x64”.
This additional software ignores/overwrites the /norestart switch of theNC 2.5.0 .msi client installer.

A fix of this behavior is highly appreciated for every admin how plans a rollout of the new client on productive machines.
Unfortunately we did not find a way to work around this.
Any help is welcome!

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Have you logged a bug report maybe? The devs mostly look there to find reported bugs and come up with fixes if there are any.

Bug seen on 2 different PC 64 bits with Windows 10.
Additionally, if we cancel the restart, the installation never ends and never starts NextCloud.

Please submit a bug report at