CLIENT 2.3.3 No confirmation asked before sync of big files

Having found this problem under my old OwnCloud client I install NextCloud 2.3.3. (build1) on a Win10 PC.

Despite the client setting “request confirmation before synchronization folders larger than xx MB” I have no warning message, and a file of more than 2MB synchronizes.

(My folder contains several PDFs of> 2M) and an Indesign file of 500Mo which changes constantly when working on it) Very expensive when relying on mobile data by Smarphone.
Do you have a track?

Thank you

Sorry if I’ve posted in a wrong category

Identical code will behave identical :wink: The switch is for folders - but you are talking about files.
Basically the switch is only hit if a new folder is shared with you which goes above the limit.

Thus adding a big file into a folder who is already shared wil not stop the process. Bien dommage