Client 2.22.5 does not ask for replace or overwrite

Hi Community,

we are running Nextcloud Server 13.0.7 (Production release), versions app is disabled. In October we have updated our IOS clients on our iPads to version 2.22.5. Since then the client does not ask anymore, if a modified file that should be uploaded to the server should overwrite the existing one or if the upload file should be renamed. Instead a new file is created with an incremental number added to the file name like filename 1, filename 2 and so on. This behaviour creates a lot of unnecessary junk files with older versions of the same file. This bloats up user folders (~1000) and we have to clean up our server data folder from time to time. Also people sometimes open the wrong file, because they cannot see the number at the end of the filename.

Is this an error in the latest client version or a new feature? Again, the versions app is disabled. We also tested the current owncloud client version 3.8.0 and it works as expected.

Thank you for your help!


Please open issue at GitHub to get in contact with devs.