cliBasedCronUser & Server.php error

After hours of working finally had NC26 running up on a docker environment (dedicated server)

Its a simple stack with MariDB & Redis, installed under user 1000, behind proxy (NPM).

Proxy, Cron etc etc all works fine with some minor bug which everyone else reported (i.e email set up issue which there is a manual fix, and search bar can’t load more result )

However, i’m still encountering a issue which could not figure how to address

There are 2 error messages refreshed in log everytime i’m opening settings (come as a pair)

  • one is a warning:
    no app in context – Invalid cliBasedCronUser data provided to provideInitialState by settings

–another is an error
php – Trying to access array offset on value of type bool at /var/www/html/apps/settings/lib/Settings/Admin/Server.php#76

Open the Server.php and line 76 is as below

	$this->initialStateService->provideInitialState('cliBasedCronUser', function_exists('posix_getpwuid') ? posix_getpwuid(fileowner(\OC::$configDir . 'config.php'))['name'] : '');

After trying many options, could not solve the issue so come to the forum asking for help.

Thanks a lot in advance.