Clear cache or free up space

I have problems loading the web version on Windows machines, it does not load the icons and/or folders, they are not displayed but I think it is because there was some error and it does not end up loading the information, how can it be released or how do I fix that error? . On other computers, if all the information is displayed, they are connected to the same network.

Do you have any specific error? When you say “windows machines,” I take it that you do not mean a server but a browser? Perhaps clear the browser’s cache?
You can do that in the browser’s settings.

By “other computers,” do you mean, like Apple PC’s? Or PC’s on Linux? Or do you just mean, other Windows machines? Which if that is the case, you mean browsers?

Sorry, your post is not clear.

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That’s right, I’m referring to other machines with different OS, I’ve already tried deleting cache temporary cookies among others. But only some machines can see the icons. In others it remains blank and it is not a network issue since on the same network line, some machines do display normal.
I already restarted the server, it is through Ubuntu server with the option that comes by default that nextcloud installs.

It seems as if the issue may not be the server if you see the icons on machine A but not on machine B. What browsers are you using? However, to rule out the server, what version of NC are you using? There were a few weird issues happening before where some people reported missing assets, please check here in anything applies:

In case it was the browser, do you use the same exact browser on all of them? Same exact settings? Any type of ad blocker or extra security setting that may be blocking part of the page?