Clear and concise current instructions to install nextcloud on Ubuntu 22.04 for the current downloads of both

I’ve been trying off and on for a couple of months to build a proof of concept for nextcloud on ubuntu 22.04. Many, many blind alleys from documentation and binary mismatch. Is there an accurate set of instructions to match the versions that are downloaded?
Help appreciated

C-rieger provided a documentation and a skript to install NC on Ubuntu from scratch. The documentation I found is in German, not sure if there is an English version, but with translation tools, you will perhaps be able to checkout points where you are stuck.

Not really sure what you are talking about. If you are stuck at some point, it might be better to share a few details to figure it out and improve things.

Which documentation? Is the documentation you’ve been utilizing the Nextcloud Admin Manual or third party docs or something else?

And are you attempting a bare metal installation or Docker or Snap or what?

By blind alleys I mean where you are following a set of instructions and you bump into something that does not match the docs with no obvious path to continue.

Thank-you tflidd. Greatly appreciated

I like this installation guide.

Maybe you can already install with Ubuntu 24.04 LTS. It will be stable in a few weeks anyway. Or you can use Debian 12 Bookworm, for example with this installation guide.

I am not a friend of installation scripts. It’s better to execute the commands yourself. Then you know what is really happening.