Clean up after unchecking directory with Selective Sync, Mac OSX

on Mac OSX, if you uncheck a directory to not sync it, how can you expedite the process of removing it from the local file system? How long after it has been unchecked is it removed from the file system? Is there a way to perfom this action immediately?

ok, so you can’t expedite the process? When is it removed, then?

why is there never a reply in this forum?

so nobody has any clue about when the osx client cleans up? so what do I do? …when you can’t get help on nextcloud

As far as I know, there is no way to trigger the deletion process. It should normally start shortly after, you can check the manual how to obtain more detailed logs:

client development mainly takes place in the ownCloud repos, that would be the place to report bug reports as well (after you verify the problem with their client as well to proof it is not related to theming).