Clean migration for unpublished app

i am using the Migration to create table.

after some try and error, i need to update my database scheme, since it is an unpublished app, i don’t want multi Migration, i want to delete everything and start over. but here on the developer mannual, it says:

Since Nextcloud stores, which migrations have been executed already you must not “update” migrations. The recommendation is to keep them untouched as long as possible. You should only adjust it to make sure it still executes, but additional changes to the database should be done in a new migration.

i tried to delete the table manualy with drop table command and remove the row in oc_migrations, but i still got the error :

Doctrine\DBAL\Schema\SchemaException: There is no column with name 'fileid' 

the fileid is the old filed name, i changed it to file_id.

how can i start over in this situation?

So yeah, you should never remove migrations.
While developing that is a different story, so let’s see:

When you remove the relevant entries from oc_migration, manually drop the database table, update your migration file, bump the version in info.xml so it updates again, the new migration file should be executed.

Yes, you are correct, doing the two steps will recreate the migration. i had this error because i had a typo, thanks