Clean Install nextcloud-18.0.2 “Problem loading page, reloading in 2 seconds” - Error

Clean brand new install 18.0.2
Upon completed install all I get is “Start Using Next Cloud Hub” blue page and the constantly changing …
“Problem loading page, reloading in 3 seconds”
“Problem loading page, reloading in 2 seconds”
“Problem loading page, reloading in 1 seconds”
“Problem loading page, reloading in 0 seconds”

Page refreshes and it starts all over again.
Regardless of what page I go to this refresh keeps refreshing

Any thoughts?

have you been able to fix this? i’m seeing it not only on 18.0.3 but on an attempted 17.0.5 clean install as well. i can’t get past it. haven’t seen any definitive answers anywhere else either…i’ve been searching for hours and gotten nowhere.

Only remedy was to reinstall on a different directory, and a different file directory and then edit the config to point to the correct file repository
Delete the old install.
I’ve tried on 3 hosts and ended up doing the same each time.

Wow, thats terrible if NextCloud is that fragile. I’ve only just starting being admin for our implementation and its been quite the negative experience. Lots of bugs, lots of hacks, and not very stable. Every time something like this comes up, the solution always seems to be “wipe it all out and reinstall” which is absolutely ridiculous.

I am not impressed with the lack of maturity of this product.

I also had these problems since nc 15 (PHP 5.6 -> 7.2) and currently also with a new installation of nc 19.0.0 (PHP 7.3 - Ionos managed hosting)
None of the workarounds worked.
The following entry (php.ini in the nextcloud directory) offered a remedy

session.gc_probability = 0

This works well for me - a prerequisite of course is that the cron job runs periodically