ClamAV antivirus


i have been reading and following this Installation

on my Debain 9 this command is not working

systemctl enable clamd@scan.service
systemctl start clamd@scan.service

and this

Place the files_antivirus app into the apps directory

which files do i need to copy there??

have a nice day

any idea or suggestion?

would still need some help or suggestions!!

the documentation you linked tells you for debian installations:

The installer automatically creates default configuration files and launches the clamd and freshclam daemons. You don’t have to do anything more

so you won’t need to enable and start them (again). those commands are apparently only needed for RH7, centOS7.

though it claims:

it’s a good idea to review the ClamAV documentation and your settings in /etc/clamav/

as for your 2nd question:

i think downloading the app from your appstore would do the job.

ok so far ok, merci @JimmyKater

i am able to find the logging information but not like on the manuel to configure something

Antivirus for files 1.4.0 and Enabled
Next, go to your Nextcloud Admin page and set your Nextcloud logging level to Everything.

i still have the Problem my Admin configuration, is not looking like this example

and can’t configure it like this

pls post screenshot of how it is looking on your side

this part i can’t find to configure!


so where is your nextcloud admin page? most probably it’s somewhere on the left side of your screen in your setup-page from your admin-account.


yes it’s there - but where to change the “logging level to Everything” part - i can’t find it

so this is why i asked you for a screenshot some comments ago