Chronic upgrade problems

After each upgrade, manual updates to .htaccess and user.ini have been necessary for multiple versions. This is something that should have been addressed long ago.

Now altering these files causes Code Signing to fail as they are looking for unedited hash values.

This really is sloppy and it’s been around a LONG time.

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What upgrade process are you following?

I use the updater app and have the same issues.

We’re going to need more information, folks.

I’ve never needed to edit .htaccess after an upgrade, and I know many others won’t have either.
There’s a template with new support requests you should use which gives us a good starting point for issues like this.

In my .htaccess/.user.ini if set the max upload size to 1GB. Also the memory size value I’ve changed.
After running an update via updater app, the values in my .htaccess/.user.ini are set back to their default (512MB).

Nextcloud version: each version since the updater got released
Operating system: Synology
Apache 2.2
PHP version: 5.6