Choose file destination by size/rules

I have the following scenario in mind and believe that it could be a very useful extension for Nextcloud.

The Nextcloud instance runs on a server with several hard drives of different types.
On both hard drives there is a data folder for Nextcloud.
To simplify things a bit here we assume an SSD and an HDD.

Now it would be great if you could set certain criteria in the settings to let Nextcloud decide where to store the data.

For example:

  • All data <10MB on the SSD
  • All data ending with “.txt” on SSD
  • All data ending with “*.mkv” is saved to the HDD
  • All data > 500MB on the HDD

For me personally, it would be perfectly sufficient if you could only determine the size, but theoretically this feature can be extended with an endless number of rules.