Chmod 760 on create

I’ve got a bit of an odd one and I’m not sure if I’m approaching it in the right way.

We have a central server that I’m resharing out to clients via nextcloud AND ftp. FTP for pause/resume functionality as we often upload thousands of file sequences.

If I create a folder via owncloud I get 750 permissions;

drwxr-xr-x 2 apache apache 10 Sep 21 16:24 nextcloud

If I create a folder via FTP I get 750 permissions;
drwxr-xr-x 2 ftp ftp 10 Sep 21 16:20 FTP

The issue is, one can’t create folders in a root folder created by the other.

i.e user creates a folder via FTP called root_dir, nextcloud user can read said folder but can’t create sub_dir

Any suggestions on how to tackle? I need to maintain both access mechanisms for various reasons.

*EDIT - Important piece of info, the server isn’t exposed to the outside world for security reasons, it’s behind a VPN.


Mount a directory to another location and alter permission bits.

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That did the trick, thank you.