Checksum column empty in filecache

Hi all,

I want to write some custom file integrity check for my Nextcloud installation. Looking through the database I’ve found the checksum column in the filecache table, so I was thinking to compare the current checksum with the one recorded by Nextcloud. Unfortunately the column is empty.

My installation started with owncloud 8, recently upgraded up to nextcloud 12. Anyway there is no checksum in old files and there is no checksum in the new files too.

There is something wrong with this installation or this column is there unused (perhaps for future use)?


Hello all,

is there anyone who can tell me what are the columns in filecache db table used for (especially the checksum one)?

I’m trying to walk through the source code, but I cannot find anything related.

Even some docs about nextcloud db structure would be helpful.


Did you look a bit on github. This is a new feature and I’m not sure that it has been fully implemented yet, there are some open issues, e.g.

@nickvergessen can you help here?

This is exactly what I need (and even more). It is tagged NC13, but any chance it will be really merged in NC 13.0.0?

Just to understand if I can count on it or if I have to write my custom check independently.


I wouldn’t rely on it. You can use a test system and test the patch. Perhaps you can help to make it work officially (if you have questions about the fix, ask directly on github or via IRC).