Check for duplicate file across multiple folders

I guess this may be more of a feature request, but in case I’ve missed something with the Workflow or File Access Control modules, is there a way to have the server flag a duplicate uploaded file against any folder in the installation?


I’ve uploaded several folders of photos, then organised them into Occasion > Year > Month directories.
Forgetting to delete the folders I’d uploaded, I later plan on re-uploading them, but with everything organised into subfolders, they’ll all re-uploaded brand new at the top-most level.

That’s not ideal when uploading several gigs, but it’s also a nice-to-have generally so I don’t end up duplicating files already uploaded for no good reason.


I’ve done as much digging as I can and haven’t seen this in the Workflow or File Access Control modules, so therefore guess it belongs as a feature request.

Hopefully perhaps it won’t be a massive undertaking with the database already in place (vs having to scan directories) but I’m in no position to know.

I recently saw this as a feature in a proprietary solution I stumbled across, so I think it’s definitely something to consider.

There should be checksums now in the database. It probably will be a bit tricky to catch all cases with file changes, deletions and so on…

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Difficult potentially, but if others can do it… :slight_smile:

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