"Check for changes" option for "Local" external storage

Hi, I’m trying to use Nextcloud to provide access to a shared folder between all my users. This shared folder is accessible thru SMB in the local network, while I’d like to use Nextcloud for access over the Internet.

However, changes made within the folder thru SMB is not reflected in Nextcloud, but changes made in Nextcloud is immediately reflected in the SMB share. I’ve already set force user and force group in the share to www-data, which is the user running Nextcloud, so it’s unlikely to be a permissions problem.

I see that there is a “Check for changes” option in the External Storage settings for the local source, which is currently set to “Once every direct access”, but it doesn’t appear to be doing what it says unless I’m misunderstanding it:


And yes, I am aware of the workaround that is to run occ files:scan on a cron job, but that solution seems so hackish and imperfect compared to, you know, Nextcloud “checking for changes once every direct access” like the option suggests.

Am I just misunderstanding the wording of this option? Or is the option just doing nothing within the code?

I’m using Nextcloud 24.0.1 within TrueNAS Scale 22.02.1.