Check for app updates

There is the command occ app:update, but is it also possible to check via terminal if updates are available without processing the update?

I could of course use occ app:list and check for each line if an update is available, but that would be :woozy_face:

ok I just found in the commit diff of the app update feature that there is also the option showonly

But is this documented anywhere? I cannot find showonly in the doc search

However, the command works like I wanted:

occ app:update --showonly

Nextcloud is continuously being improved and enhanced so that it might be possible that an option is not documented or missing. I think this would be a good start for you to provide a pull request which improves the documentation :wink:

EXACTLY what I was looking for (thought bout a occ app:update --showonly). Also couldn´t find this in the docs, now one year later! Absolutely nothing in Using the occ command — Nextcloud latest Administration Manual latest documentation.

Why hiding such “features” like easter eggs? :wink: Put in in the docs, others can save a lot of time.

THX @Kischu for bringing up this parameter from GitHub. :+1:

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discovered the occ update:check command. This one provides apps and NC update information. But again: it´s not documented on the official ! For no obvious reason… what a pity!