Check deleted files


We recently suspected a files loss. Is there a way to check files integrity and if there was a real file loss ?
We checked on nextcloud activities, which seem ok, but what about files deleted from filesystem directories ?

Hello @Ludovic ,

your provide way to less information to help you.

Please tell us about your setup.
NC version?
Webserver type and version?

Have you check trashbin?
Have you checked filesystem for lost files?

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We use NC 19, on ubunbu 16, with apache 2.4.

Hmm, all are fine. But we were suspicious about someone able to rm files. Logs are fine but : if someone deletes a file from a shell, what can I do ?

No one should have access to the shell of your NC.
Did I miss some context? How did you proved your file lost?

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We are a small team with root server access. Someone left and we suspect a file deletion. We are looking for a way to check if files have been deleted or not.

best way is to check you running state with backup contents - if there are any. if not it’s time to start…

if not you may compare database records with existing files… usually user have the opposite problem so it may be hard to find solutions for it. I would start with oc_filecache - you could compare the files with your real storage… but it doesn’t help you to recover files - it just may uncover some difference between DB and file system…

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Thanks for answer, we have backup yeah. Didnt think about them to compare as first step. ^^’
We were focus on nc and oc_filecache is what we were looking for !