Chat support login and joining troubles

I am having trouble accessing Nextcloud chat support.

I clicked on the Open chat button on the /settings/admin/support page of my Nextcloud installation. After I signed in at I get a box in which I can either Use another login or Skip.

If I select Use another login then I get this page hanging,

If I select Skip then I get another box in which I confirm my decision to skip, then this box,

Clicking Re-join gives me the same box again.

How do I get chat support?

Can you please be MORE PRECISE, describe you environment, the used software versions, of your self-hosting your server or if you’ve subscribed to a service, and where and how you want to access a chat support?!

I am using Windows 10. This happens in both Chrome and Firefox, and in incognito windows in each. I am using Nextcloud 19. The Open chat link links to

This is the first box I get at after logging in. I could not post it in my first post since I did not have the permissions in this forum:


The Element chat service (previously known as RiotChat) has absolutely nothing to do with Nextcloud itself, except that a 3rd-party “Element for Nextcloud” app exists. Therefore you have to subscribe to that service first, before you can use it :wink:

Perhaps you misunderstood my issue: I am not asking for help with the Nextcloud Element app; I am asking for help accessing Nextcloud chat support.

Afaik a Nextcloud chat support doesn’t exist. Based on your scvreenshot you want to access a service which is hosted at “” which is an external service, isn’t it?!

No need for follow up though; I will use other channels.

Ok, now I understand. You’re referring to the support app which contains an IRC chat link. This link uses the external Element chat service (previously known as RiotChat) by default, which defintely requires a registration. If you don’t want to register for that service you need to use a different IRC chat client, like e.g. Thunderbird.