Chat not enabled for a single user - how to troubleshoot?

I’ve got a small NC instance with about 5 users. I have the OJSXC app, and can chat fine with most of the users, but for one user, the chat app doesn’t seem to be enabled - the icon does not appear for her next to the user portrait. She has the same groups as others, and OJSXC isn’t restricted to any groups anyway.

I’m using the internal chat engine, not an external XMPP server. I’ve tried logging in as her on other machines, including machines I use chat on successfully, to no effect.

Where can I start troubleshooting why this app won’t show up for this user?

Oh, I should add, this has persistently been an issue in NC 10, 11 and 12 beta1, and I’ve tried OJSXC 3.1.1 and the new unstable 3.2.0

Does the username have any special characters? Can you open your javascript console (ctrl+shift+I most of the time) and look for errors?

Thanks for the fast reply. No, there’s no special characters, just [a-zA-Z]*.

Annoyingly, it’s working now :slight_smile: I just upgraded to NC12 Beta2 and suddenly it’s enabled for her - however the person is currently away, so I had to change their password and disable 2FA to login as them and test. I don’t see how it could be related, but once they get back I can reset the password and re-enable 2FA and retest.

Thanks for your help so far. I should be able to test with them tomorrow night.