Character ^ in folder name, won't list files inside in iOS app

Hello. I’m using a folder structure in my company where the symbol ^ is used in folder naming as a reference to it’s importance. When I open any folder which contains this symbol with my iOS device app, then the folder doesn’t start to query my server for the list of the files, thus doesn’t show anything inside. The folder seems to be totally empty. I tried to create test folders with other characters like $, #, @, etc and all seems to work just fine, only the ^ symbol makes this problem. Can this be fixed somehow? Thanks!

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As your company IT-pro should be aware of: It always can turn out to be tricky in a multi-OS-environment to use certain special characters in file/folder-names. I would in general try to avoid it. It’s way better to (temporarily) save your tagged files in a special folder by that name… like in your case: defining a folder “important” and save the files in there (of course someone needs to clean up after some time, maybe an automation could do the job as well…)

so if you want to file a feature-request for iOS-client app to handle “^” I’m afraid you’d need to do that on Github

Hello Jimmy and thanks for your answer.

It was long time which we searched for a character that is working in all major OSes (Windows, Linux, macOS) and we decided to use the ^. Your suggestion is not appropriate to our case because 1) we have tens of thousands of folders within other parent folders and 2) the number of ^ we use in naming is defining the importance, for example we may have a folder1^^^ or a folder2^^^^^^.

Thanks for mentioning the Github for requesting this bug.

if you’d decide to file a request there it’ll be nice to re-link the issue as an answer to here. which will gain you a “solution”-award.