Changing the storage quota for the Admin in NC18

Nextcloud version (18.0.3):
Operating system and version (Debian 10 Buster):
Apache version (Apache 2.4.38):
PHP version (7.3):

The issue you are facing:
I can’t change the storage quota for the admin user. At the Moment this user is the only one existing, but if I create anothe one, I can change his quota.

Is this the first time you’ve seen this error? (Yes):

Steps to replicate it:

  1. Go into the User Settings
  2. Look for the Edit button for the Admin user with which you are logged in
  3. Notice that it’s missing

Do you have an Idea why I don’t get edit option?

There isn’t edit button for admin with the web interface. It’s probably for security reason. The only way to edits admin settings is to use OCC :

Thank you,

I was pretty sure that there was in earlier versions?
Or am I wrong?

I don’t know for earlier versions…

Yes it was. I just made a massive upgrade and ask myself the same question (-;

Note that group membership & admin are not anymore editable here too.