Changing the internal user name?

I’m using LDAP as user database. This works - but my federated cloud id is looking like this: 12345678-1234-4321-1234-1234567890ab@domain.tld – which is ugly.

I know that I can switch LDAP so that is uses another data for the user name - but this only works for new ones.

Is there any possibility to change the internal user name or what should I do to have a better looking one?


I agree. I have just added a feature request in the nextcloud issue tracker for this:

Hopefully this will be implemented in the future :slight_smile: . In the meantime notice that Nextcloud allready accepts federation shares from other servers via the LDAP username. So other people should allready be able to share files to you via ldap-username@domain.tld

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You can use your login name already :see_no_evil: