Changing server URL in client

Logging out of the client to change the server URL results in everything being re-synced when relinking folders. Found server address stored in

Will changing the server URL have any unintended side effects on the client (assuming the server is configured correctly)?

Also where is the server URL setting stored on Linux? Looked through the .config, ect files on Linux but must have missed it.

Changing the server address in

on Linux


on Windows

worked in both cases no problem.


I was thinking of creating a permanent redirect on the server to get all client updated but I haven’t tested it…

Wish it would but a 301 redirect in Apache or Nginx won’t work. When signing into the client the SSL certificate is used/saved. If redirected to another URL the client saved/used SSL certificate will invariably be invalid for the server it is redirected to.

Make sense and do you concur?

It makes sense that nobody can easily redirect all the clients (proxy, …). I don’t know if it works with multi-domain certificates which is possible with letsencrypt. I’ll have to test this.

What about on MAC OS?

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Hello goombadave,

you answered to an really old topic. Better create a new one and tell us the version of the client you are using and the OS version.

Mac OS is probably the same place as Linux. Just make sure you can see hidden files in order to see the .local folder in your user profile folder root.


@schnappi: does this file exist for you or did you create it? I do not see this config file in place even though I am connected and sycned with one nc server.

Specs: Ubuntu 18 04 LTS 2, nc client 2.5.2 from snap.

It already existed. It’s possible there is a different configuration file now. I stopped using Nextcloud awhile ago. Syncthing is much better and almost as importantly the developers are more responsive and community more helpful.

@bd12 Can you see hidden files? If so can you access .local in the root of your profile folder?

sorry to bump that old thread but I found that the above solution still works today and I don’t want to keep this to myself.
I found the file under $HOME/.config/Nextcloud/nextcloud.cfg.
Replacing the URL worked nicely. Once I passed the login there was no need for full re-sync.


For posterity, I found nextcloud.cfg on macos (Mojave) at ~/Library/Preferences/Nextcloud/nextcloud.cfg.


And for macOS Catalina it’s

~/Library/Application Support/Nextcloud/nextcloud.cfg

I wanna thanks everybody for still updating this post :+1:

Tried today and the file is not longer in local but in roaming on Windows 10 Pro Build 18363. Nextcloud version 3.1.3