Changing link icon displayed on Nextcloud share links

I’d like to change the icon that users see when they receive a link in iMesssage to a share on NC. Right now it is the default.
Screenshot 2023-12-19 at 8.59.38 AM
Is this a simple as uploading a new Background and login image or the logo or one of the other options under Theming? If so, what size must this image be? Also, some of the options have a Reset to default, others do not. I want to be sure I can reset if things go awry.

Yes, simply upload your new logo:


It should be squared. The best would be pure svg but png is possible as well.
Try it, you will see what is possible.

For the options without “Reset to default” you can note the values, so that you can reset them correct.

Much luck,

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