Changing from php 7.4 to 8.x, php memory limit below recommended value, hoster all-inkl

I have the Nextcloud version 25.0.2. Up to now I used php 7.4. I changed to the recommended php version 8.1 (same behaviour with 8.0). Now I get in the Webview of NC under Settings / Overview:

“The PHP memory limit is below the recommended value of 512MB.”

If I switch back to 7.4 the message is gone. I already have included “php_value memory_limit 512M” in the .htaccess

So is this a Nextcloud issue? Any ideas how to solve this?

I do not have ssh access, I can only access via ftp or Webview. I am at the hoster all-inkl.

Thank you for your support.

not sure about this because i do not use all-ink but i think it should be written with (=)

php_value memory_limit=512M

I got feedback from all-inkl. It seems to be not enough to have this variable in the .htaccess. It also has to be in the .user.ini. You have to add


also in the .user.ini for php versions 8.x

This solved my problem