Changing folder's name breaks the versioning history

Having Nextcloud server 28.0.3, we realized that if a folder’s name is changed, something weird happened to the versions of a contained file (see img)

As you can see, the folder name was changed 15 days ago, and the versions of a file are broken since… when clicking on Download file it makes no effect, or if i click on Compare versions it shows an error of socket sync…

I entered via the server ssh and saw the 2 folder’s names… we finally fixed it manually moving via ssh the .odt from the old folder’s versions data to the new one.

Maybe the versions of the files shouldn’t be associated to the folder’s name and just the file uuiid if any? I didn’t see any bug related in your github.

Hello @kapis ,

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Please update to the latest nc28 version, 28.0.7 and check again.

Just tried it with v29.0.3 and cannot confirm.

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