Changing CSS when not logged in as Admin

Hey all,

I am curious is there is a way to change various CSS elements for those not logged in as a user. I have been looking through many threads and haven’t come across a good solution.

I noticed that in the code, there is a var _oc_isadmin=true option. can’t I use this to edit any CSS for that variable? Maybe through the JsLoader app?

Unforunately, I am a beginner at most of this, but this is the direction I was going in:

if var _oc_isadmin=false {
  document.querySelector('#contactsmenu').style.display = 'none!important';
  document.querySelector('.new-conversation').style.display = 'none!important';
  document.querySelector('.header-menu__carret[data-v-68d8bb9f]').style.right = '128px!important';

Not sure if this is the right direction, but maybe it can inspire someone to give a working solution.

Thank you in advance!