Changes in email settings not saved

I have a problem in one of my NC VMs (all NC 27.1,3):

When I change my email settings in Basic-Settings only one value is stored at a time.

Whenever I press the Credentials Button on “SMTP username” and password, it changes the other email settings back to the settings they were before.

I can see those changes only if I look at the config.php directly.

When I try to Test and verify email settings

A problem occurred while sending the email. Please revise your settings. (Error: Email could not be sent. Check your mail server log)

If I look in the log of my email-postfix server I see only that there is a wrong auth failure with the wrong password.

there is nothing seen in my NC log (even on loglevel 2)

In the other nearly identical VMs on the host it all works fine.

Workaround: If I set the old password in my email-config on my mail server and try again, the testmail sends out just fine, but I have no way to change the password and use it in NC.

Is there a hidden setting somewhere inside the NC VM? that stores the old values and changes them back to its previous value?

Or maybe it is a Browser cache problem?

What version of NC?
What installation method?
Are there any other files in your NC config/ folder that reference mail_* parameters?

They are all on he latest stable. NC 27.1.3

Yes, the password is also set in domains.config.php:

         $CONFIG['mail_smtppassword'] = '**************';


I forgot, that i installed this in my first VM and not in the others:

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